From childhood, Joe was trained in the family business. By age 20 he elevated himself to General Manager of the Auction Pool and had complete responsibilities for the setup and conduction of the family’s weekly 300 vehicle Auto Auctions. At the age of 30, he focused his attention on the one aspect of the business that he had not mastered; that of the Auctioneer. In 1987 he attended and Graduated from the Missouri School of Auctioneers and began his career as an Auctioneer.

Having been in the business for many years, it did not take him long to develop his own style and understanding of exactly what his customers’ needs were. Not long after that Joe developed his Auctioning talents which took him away from the family business and launched him into what has become his occupation since 1987.

Always striving to be the best in his field, Joe attended the elite Certified Auctioneers Institute at the University of Indiana. Joe graduated CAI Auctioneer class of 1996.   More >>>


  • Professional Auctioneers
  • Event Planning
  • Professional Ring men
  • Fundraising Consulting
  • Live Auction
  • Silent Auction
  • Event Staff
  • Volunteer/Staff Training
  • Auction Bid Cards
  • Auction Bid Sheets
  • Auction Displays
  • Auction Set-up
  • Event Registration
  • Event Check Out


    Fundraising Auctions are a great opportunity for charitable organizations. They unite volunteers, donors and local businesses in an entertaining community fundraising event where everyone wins.

    The Fundraising Auction has become one of the most popular ways to raise funds for non-profits. Planning an effective, powerful, moneymaking Fundraising Auction takes hard work and exceptional planning. Fortunately, help is available. Joe Bradley Auctioneers will guide your auction committee through the maze of auction planning while showing you creative methods to increase the bottom line at your next Fundraising Auction.

    Fundraising Auctions can be fun social events. If planned and executed well, contributors go away feeling positive about your cause and often turn into long-term supporters. Guests enjoy auctions because they receive something for their donation. Sponsors appreciate the exposure, and the event can be a great team building activity for your staff, volunteers and supporters. Not to mention building community awareness of your cause.    More >>>


    Joe has been in the Auto Auction business since 1974, and as an auctioneer since 1987. Auto auctions are the back bone of the Joe Bradley Auctioneers. We currently conduct approximately 25 auto auctions each month and sell over 950 vehicles per week.   More >>>


    Over the last 15 years, we have conducted 100s of liquidations (major business & personal property) throughout San Diego County.

    We offer the following services:
  • On Site Disposal and Liquidation Auctions
  • Extensive Offline & Online Promotion
  • Complete Management and Staffing Support
  • Temporary storage facilities for end of line stock to be held with other stock to create one large liquidation auction.
  • Additionally, we can provide a complete state of the art presentation solution. We use an industrial quality projector and present a slide show presentation of the auction. This allows people to sit down, relax and enjoy the auction, rather than walk around following the auctioneer from lot to lot.   More >>>


    JBA has recently branched out to the real estate auction market moderating locally based auctions for commercial and residential properties.   More >>>